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Message From The Founder

We have discovered successful ways for countries to work together and benefit from each other's needs and resources.

We have built our company on this foundation and are dedicated to putting this knowledge at work for you.

- Leon Yu

LEON YU, General Manager, Founder

Leon YuLeon Yu founded China Grand Crown Industrial Limited in 2010 after establishing Qingdao Hainuoer Knitting & Textile Co., Ltd with his partners.

Leon has worked in export/import field for more than 16 years, of which 12 years at managerial position at Chinese factories, Chinese trading companies, US sourcing companies and have profound knowledge on various products. He helped clients source products from China and have good connections with suppliers.

Leon realized barriers for international sourcing such as cultural differences, working habits, different characters of different nations....from his working experience and therefore dedicated his career to building the bridge for China and the World to benefit from each other’s needs and resources. In turn, his company’s focus is to help the world's businessman benefit from the growing commercial and manufacturing opportunities in China as well as other countries that provide low-cost and high-quality production.

Mr. Leon Yu received his Bachelors Degree in Economics and his Masters in International Business from China University. He has also traveled extensively around China which gives him a unique over-all perspective and understanding for sourcing in China. He speaks fluent English and Mandarin Chinese is his mother tongue.

Mr. Leon Yu has been recognized as an honest and capable businessman by clients. His passion and devotion torward work will make you delighted.

More information about Leon, visit his personal website:


Cindy Wen, Sales Manager

zhangjialu-legal adviserPrior to her appointment in China Grand Crown, Cindy Wen has served in big chinese trading companies as sales manager (2006-2010) and achieved considerable sales amount. Beforehand, as from 2005, she was entrusted with the position of sales assistant in charge of Development and International relations.

Cindy has served clients from Europe, America, Asia and Australia for 7 years with her professionalism and was highly appreciated by clients.

She was born in 1984. She is a graduate of Shandong University and has a Bchelor degree in International Trade.

Cindy is a dedicated team player who relates to individuals at all levels. She is an excellent communicator who has the ability to express requirements and requests through written as well as verbal correspondance. She is thorough in her explanations and patient in difficult moments. She has a positive personality, is a critical thinker and problem solver. Any one who works with her is lucky to do so and better for having known her.

Cindy is a great asset to the company.


Christina Liu, Sourcing Manager

zhangjialu-legal adviserChristina has worked as senior sourcing manager at Li & Fung Group Qingdao Branch for 8 years and worked as sourcing assistant for 3 years.

Christina is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist - her ideas, skills, creativity and understanding of sourcing made the project a dream. She has an extensive knowledge, and her open-minded approach could not be overestimated. She established her extensive connections with various suppliers during her work in Li & Fung and evaluate suppliers on multiple criteria (price, quality, service support, availability, reliability, selection, etc.) is her daily job.

Chrisitna is the OUTSTANDING GRADUATE of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and her major is Sourcing and Supply Management.

Respect from clients and suppliers proves Christina is always doing excellent job.


Jialu Zhang, Legal Adviser

zhangjialu-legal adviserJialu Zhang is a very experienced lawyer from Shandong Chuangxu Law Firm and we are honored to have him as our Legal Adviser.

Mr. Zhang is professional on business suits and have helped lots clients out from troubles. He is graduated from Wuhan University (top 10 best universities in China) in 2003 and worked as lawyer since then.

As a sourcing company, we do our business under China Laws and Regulations and practice proper business ethics to protect profits of clients, suppliers and us.

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