company logo What is global sourcing?
"An international procurement strategy
taking advantage of global efficiencies
to deliver a product or service."

Our Value Proposition

We want to ensure that we can help you lower your production costs and bring value to your brand before you decide to hire us.

China Grand Crown has built a network of trusted partnerships with our manufacturers and with the combined purchasing power from all of our clients, we often can negotiate lower minimum quantity requirements than if a single company were going through the buying process on its own.

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China Grand Crown handles all the complexities of the sourcing process.
We work with you from design to delivery
so that purchasing and manufacturing overseas
becomes a simple and seamless process.

The Sourcing Timeline:

Receive product specification from client.

Locate right supplier and provide initial cost estimates to client (within 3 days)

If client agrees to prices, provide sample (including design consultation if needed) to
     client (within 7 days)

If samples are to client’s specifications, sign and proceed with production contract
    (7-14 days)

Quality control management (3 days)

Shipping/Freight and Delivery to Customer (5-45 days)

Estimated total time from concept to delivery: (20 -45 days)


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